Immune System for Beginners

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Early Detection and Prevention:


Where is the immune system and what does it do?

It is your personal security system against a threat, load or various stress factors that effect the global influence of all body systems to maintain functional and optimal levels of wellbeing. In other words, it is your inter-universe.

What are key players and main body components?

Thymus and bone marrow, as well as secondary lymphatic tissues, including spleen, tonsils, lymph vessels, lymph nodes, adenoids, skin, and liver.

  • Medical-70-90 % percent reside in the gut, the first-line-of-defense fight between the microbe balance
  • Energy medicine – the lower elixir field (area below navel center) is the same area as the battery charger and center of gravity for the body’s balance, as well as home to the 2nd brain.


Early detection and prevention:


Who should be concerned?

Vulnerable individuals such as those with risk factors, medical conditions, developmental age as well as elderly or frail, those with poor nutritional structure and compromised auto-immune diseases. Or those simply in a poor transition of health and stress.


What are signs of a compromised or weakened immune system?

Early preventive detection

  1. Gastrointestinal issues
  2. Sore throat and mouth sores
  3. Low energy levels
  4. Poor sleep patterns
  5. Hidden infections (we all have them)
  6. Tend to get sick easily
  7. Skin problems and poor wound healing
  8. Dehydration (forget supplements if this is a problem)
  9. Chronic toxin exposure
  10. Lack of sunshine


What is the best course of action?

To arm yourself with the best immunological weapons, one needs to cultivate the innate power of complete mind-body protective armor


Elemental Immune Healing

  1. Sleep – deep rejuvenating and restorative 8 hours is optimal
  2. Remove toxic load - the matrix of modern exposure (chemicals in food, plastics, Wi-Fi/ cell 3-5 G, blue light, alcohol, drugs to name a few, work living environment)
  3. Nutritional healing - avoid food that inflames the body, wheat and grains, commercial dairy products; shop for produce and drink bone broth and spring water or structured water
  4. Natural supplements – see below for the complete program
  5. Stress reduction and mental rest, excess fear damages the kidneys energy
  6. Improve hygiene practices in every single situation
  7. Sun therapy-please see my videos on AM and PM grounding
  8. Movement and grounding internal energy circulation, emphasize posture


Suggested nutritional and supplemental factors

The best time to strengthen the immune system is not under a threat, the immune system is your very important personal security system.  Many factors influence a total health program that is preventative such as:

  1. Clean and restore the GI function
  2. Remove toxins from other areas (such as the liver) and balance the body’s energy network
  3. Build and maintain balance in all body systems that raise vitality



The ‘stay well’ plan

Natural supplement sources

  1. Vitamin D-Quicksilver Scientific D3K2- 2,500-5000iu @ daytime
  2. Elderberry -500 mg @ daytime
  3. Vitamin C- Quicksilver Scientific- 2000 mg @ daytime (5-6 pumps 2x @ daytime)  helps keep you from getting sick and lessens the illness impact
  4. Astaxanthin-12mg clinically proven to be a 600 times more powerful oxidant than vitamins A, E or C.
  5. Cat’s Claw- Quicksilver Scientific (4-6 pumps 2x @ daytime)


Additional great products


  1. Glutathione- Quicksilver Scientific - master anti-oxidant, immune balancer
  2. Ultra-binder – grabs the trash and takes out the garbage, removes endo toxins


The down and out plan and getting sick

  1. Microcrob Manager - Quicksilver Scientific is great for deep infections and hidden infections flu’s and viruses such as C-19
  2. Vitamin C - Quicksilver Scientific (10 pumps 4x @ daytime)

For pain

Full-Spectrum CBD - Quicksilver Scientific -great for CBD 2 receptors (4 pumps 2-3x @day)

Diet -Nothing heavy to digest and stay hydrated


  • Clove
  • Chaga
  • Pau de arco
  • Squeeze a lime natures Vitamin C
  • Quinton 3.3 sea minerals


Hygiene practice

Clean air space, fresh air get outside

Avoid hand sanitizer, use tea tree or oregano soap and Hypochlorous Acid on contact surfaces and mist over face and inhale.


Body Movement

  • The Energy Body is protected by aura field and shields it from invasion from environmental energies. This is a real field that extends over a period of time based on many factors. The human body consists of 70% water, this is known as the ‘water body’ also known as the body electric
  • Pay close attention to Wind, heat, cold and artificial sources such as geoengineering sprays (RF) 3-5G+

Does radiation affect us? You bet, but only to the degree of our vitality can we maintain. For the weak and health of the planet we must reduce tech and stop 5G.

Please remember:

Strong immunity is the result of thoughts, emotions and your attitude



Chinese medicine and QI Gong immune focus and organs of interest

  • Lungs-distribution
  • Spleen -Digestion (generation)
  • Kidneys- manufacturer of energy
  • Liver sends the energy (chi) to the whole body

How stress effects immune function

  • Reduces the moral and weakens the internal fighting mechanisms
  • Isolation drives a separation between the physical connection, but understanding we are always connected and I don’t mean in a Wi-Fi sense, but to the planet, nature and each other

What to do:

  • Spleen -post natal sleep 8 hours
  • Kidneys pre-natal mental rest and de stress -no fear living
  • Qi gong release and flush tension
  • Avoid sugar throws off the body’s energy balance and weakens immune function
  • Have regular structured eating habits never over eat
  • Breath into the lower dantian (space below navel center) to anchor the kidneys
  • The gentler the attention the more the body can transform


Qi Gong movements, these are available on video and class teachings in the following weeks.


  1. Breathing


  1. Parting the clouds


  1. Passing the cross


  1. Twisting crane


  1. Grounding heaven and earth



Share this, help others from afar, stay healthy and protect the planet!



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