Detox Yoga Teacher training

Chi Cleanse Detox Yoga Instructor Training and Intensive Teacher Training

Detox Yoga is a complete mind-body way to exercise and strengthen your whole body. The  focus is on healing and balancing the mind body through natural detoxification. These energetic circular fluid movements go far beyond just physical conditioning. In this style of yoga, we direct the breath, calm the mind, open joints, stretch the fascia tissue, improve posture - all while we let go of trapped emotional tension. As a result of making this a regular practice, our internal organs relax and the body normalizes. Detox Yoga will awaken your healing potential, improve health and promote optimal wellbeing.  This program is gear for Health and medical educators, yoga instructors, yoga practitioner, Life coaches, personal trainers and anyone wanting to open & energize, strengthen within, calm-center-cleanse.

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